Facilitating Reproducibility and Collaboration with Literate Programming

e-Science Symposium 2018, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester MA - April 5, 2018

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Harrison Dekker
Associate Professor and Data Librarian
University of Rhode Island Libraries
Twitter: @vagrantscholar


Short talk on literate programming with hands-on exercises using RStudio, RMarkdown, and GitHub.


During the talk, the audience will have access to my RStudio Server so only a web browser will be required. For anyone not attending who wants to try the examples, a free account on RStudio Cloud will work or a local installation of RStudio, with LaTeX and git enabled. The following R packages are used:

Course materials


Description Time
Setup 5 minutes
Motivation for literate programming 5 minutes
RStudio + RMarkdown + knitr 5 minutes
RMarkdown exercise 15 minutes
Academic paper: working example 10 minutes